The Unopened Rosebud

The Lord planted a rose garden. He tended it with care.

He watered and protected it and breathed on it spring’s fresh air.

And so the bushes grew under His watchful eye.

Shiny, verdant branches lifted toward the sky.

Each bud was cradled safely amidst the leaves of green,

The heavy fragrant blossoms- the colors of springtime’s scene,

The pointed buds, their petals unfurling in the sun’s warm light,

Displaying their velvety hues of pink and red and white.

As the Lord walked through the garden, enjoying the work of His hands,

His eyes fell on one little rosebud, so tiny, yet so grand,

So grand in its perfection, its tiny form so sweet, 

Yet it was still unopened, it’s full bloom incomplete.

He gently plucked the rosebud from its trembling stem,

And hid it in His hand.

His eyes had tears in them.

His tears were tears of love, as He held it in His hand.

“For this unopened rosebud I have another plan.

This tiny precious rosebud I will take to My home above, 

Where it will bloom in Heaven in the light of my Son’s love.

I do not want this little one to know the heartache and pain

Of this sinful world’s harsh winds or be blemished by tainted rain.

And someday, those who question why this rose never opened on earth,

Will understand My wisdom in giving it Heavenly birth.

They will rejoice to see its face, then they will know the whole story.

And they will trust and praise Me, as they are reunited in glory.”

And so the tiny rosebud was taken from its place,

And planted in God’s heavenly garden,

Where it blooms in the light of His grace.

       © 2016  Nancy Albao

Jordan Hudson